Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It is not that hard to have a well-optimized website but the harder part is building the natural link popularity and fresh and unique content because search engines don’t rank a website just because it is optimized. A website need to have a good link popularity and also good, valuable, fresh and unique content.

The most important things about the traffic you receive from search engines is the quality. None of the traffic resources can generate the traffic comparable to the quality of the search engines organic traffic. Search engines organic traffic has the highest conversion rate and generate the maximum sales and clicks on the ads.
This is the most important method that can drive thousands of free traffic to your website every month. If you can achieve to have a high ranking website in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN you can even forget about all the other methods because the free traffic they drive to your website will be enough.

BUT fortunately or unfortunately it is not easy to have a high ranking website. It takes time and need to have a well-optimize (and not an over-optimized) website. Search engine optimization is a knowledge and this is what I will focus on it in this weblog more than the other things. You can also read the other articles I have written about it here in this weblog and stay tuned for other articles I will post.
Traffic is the most important concern for all the webmasters and bloggers. Without traffic a good, beautiful and informative site will be useless. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your websites. Unfortunately you have to spend lots of money for some of them.

Although the traffic you receive through the paid methods has a good quality but there are many free methods that can drive a higher quality traffic to your websites.

Here is the list of the methods you can use to drive traffic to your websites for free. I am sure you are unable to use all of these methods but only a few of the online and offline methods is enough to drive thousands of free traffic to your website every month. Any money that you make through this traffic will be profit because you have not spend any money. Of course some of them are time consuming and time is more valuable than money but if you don’t have money to spend for advertising, you have to spend time.